Above photo credit,

Left to Right:

Christa Wetzler Scott,

Drew Levin,

Benjamin Smith,

Bob Goldhamer,

Christa Wetzler Scott

“...edgy and politically charged... combining the body and media as a vehicle, EDD exposes the cracks and inequalities in society. They are a revolutionary company using art as their weapon.”

    -Hallie Bauernschmidt, Living Arts Chronicle Review

"When in full ensemble, a very strong presence was communicated by the dancers of the company.  Individual impressions and concerns were clearly detailed in a context of potentially confusing overlap and intersection.  To be human is to feel.  What developed through duets, a stunning solo, and intriguing group work was a clear call to expression.  In borrowed words I say, "Connection is Empowerment.'""

    -Jane Evelyn Werle, Commentary Corner, Presenting Denver


Evolving Doors Dance and the work of Angie Simmons

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